Monday, November 7, 2011

Is That Poison

Our little girl is 5 years old and her new obsession is asking if something is poison.  She ask it about everything.  "Are crayons poison?"  "Is my shoe poison?" "What if you put medicine on my itch and I scratch it and then scratch my mouth; is that poison?"  "Is the silver thing on the door poison?"  Then for about 2 days the obsession became about mosquitoes.  We were staying at a place that has tons of them and every time you walked outside you got bit.  One day she said, "Mom are mosquitoes poison, because I think I swallowed one?"  I assured her that she would know if she swallowed one and no they are not.
We finally told her that if she doesn't put her hands in her mouth and she only eats food/drinks, then she doesn't have to worry if it is poison or not. We told her this after she came out of the bathroom and asked if lotion was poison.  Her dad assured her it was not, only to hear her say she ate some.  You know you always here or know about the kid in kindergarten who eats glue, but you never think it could be your child one day.
Ok, so you know the joke that goes.... I one a trash can.  Well just encase you don't, let me tell it to you.  If your children hasn't heard it, you can get them on it.
Person one says - I one a trash can and tells the other person to say I two a trash can.
So here it goes the whole joke:
Person 1- I one a trash can
Person 2- I two a trash can
Person 1- I three a trash can
Person 2- I four a trash can
Person 1- I seven a trash can
Person 2 - I eight a trash can
Person 1 - ew you ate a trash can!! 

Well we were all in the car and our little girls says, "The baby doesn't have any mosquitoes bites and I know why."  I jokingly said, "Is it because you ate them?  hahaha  Hey, I one a mosquito."  My little girl replies, "I two a mosquito."  You know where this is going.  So, after she said I ate a mosquito, I replied, "OHHH you ate a mosquito."   Everyone starts laughing and without missing a beat our oldest son says, Hey I one lotion.......