Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sleep Buddy

We have the sleep buddy and love it, but we use ours in reverse.  We felt the blue light was too bright, so we set the blue light to come on in the morning.  We told our 2 year old he could get out of bed when the blue light comes on.  We have 4 children and two share a room.  The two year old would constantly wake up early and wake up the older child.  Our oldest naturally wakes up early anyway but for me anything earlier than 6am is just too early.  This product has worked great, although we have periods of time where we have to remind our child to wait for the blue light.  He is now three and occasionally he gets up early and I have to ask, is your blue light on!  Our 4th child has just turned two and we are buying another sleep buddy just for him.