Thursday, August 4, 2011

Making a Creation Book with a Preschooler

When our oldest was three, I wanted to tell him the story of creation and make a craft to go along with it.  However, all the crafts I found for him were not crafts he could do and I ended up doing all the work.  I wanted something he could do with just a little help.  That's when we came up with our Creation Book.  We needed something sturdy for the pages of our book, so we used cardboard.  I cut out the front and backs of our cereal boxes.  After I had 7 of them, I put them together and cut them all the same size.  We used construction paper and glue to cover the cardboard.  We needed 7 pieces of cardboard, because we wanted to have a cover page.  Since he was only three and could not write yet, I bought peel and stick letters.  We used these on the cover page to put a title and our son's name.  We used tissue paper, buttons, macaroni, animal crackers, stickers and other household items to complete the book.  Then after all the pages dried, we punched holes in them and connected them with pipe cleaners.  Our son had a blast doing this project and I enjoyed spending time with him.  I posted pictures of the book we did together.     
First Day
Second Day 
Third Day
Fourth Day
Fifth Day
Sixth Day